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The Church is a group of people who share a faith in the God who has revealed his love for the world through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (plus those who are seeking about matters of faith).

The Church belongs to the Baptist tradition of the Christian Church which emphasizes personal commitment to Jesus Christ, expressed principally through Believers’ Baptism (that is, at an age when the person involved can make up their own mind) and personal membership of the Church. 

We have leaflets explaining a little bit more about Baptism and Church Membership which are available to download for free by clicking on the pictures:

Baptism Leaflet: Church Membership Leaflet:





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Within the tradition, each Church is regarded as a separate body and decisions are made by the membership thinking, praying and sharing together.  There is a Church Council who are the elected leadership of the Church.

The Church has always sought to provide a spiritual home for its members and friends whatever their background, theology or personal situation. The Church seeks to be a supportive and encouraging community of friends.