Church News



Rosemary Eaton’s Induction

The Induction Service for our new Minister, Revd Rosemary Eaton, will be held on Saturday 17/2 at 3pm followed by refreshments in Fellowship Hall..

Vehicle Crime

Please be aware that vehicles parked outside of the Church appear to being targeted by gangs in the area. Several cars have been broken into over the last week, all of which have been parked outside. If you bring your car down to Church at any time, please park further up the road and ensure that no valuables are left in the car as cars are being completely emptied of anything that is not fixed down.

Spring Harvest Meeting

If you are coming to Spring Harvest this year please put 18th March in your diary.  We will be having our usual bring and share lunch followed by a meeting to go through the details for this year.  We are now fully booked and paid for and as far as aware all transport needs have been resolved.  Anything outstanding needs to be raised with Mandy this morning, also let her know what you will be bringing for the lunch please.